October births

    Brandon Jared Arp and Hali Searra Arp, daughter, Oct. 1.

    Logan Thomas Lykins and Allison Jo Lykins, son, Oct. 1.

    Riley Jordan Shroyer and Raegan Lily Shroyer, son, Oct. 1.

    Uriah Lee Guevara and Rian Mickayla Jacoby, daughter, Oct. 1.

    Amber Nichole Alaniz and Angela Cathleen Alaniz, daughter, Oct. 4.

    Dalton Scott Thompson and Hannah Dawn Thompson, son, Oct. 5.

    Stephen James Smith and Casey Alyce Michelle Smith, son, Oct. 5.

    Caleb Earl Chappelow and Olivia Denelle Lambert, son, Oct. 5.

    Joey Ray Sternik and Bailee Mae Short, daughter, Oct. 6.

    Curtis Daniel Barkes and Kaitlyn Dawn Barkes, daughter, Oct. 6.

    Richard Glin Emerton and Rachel Ann Emerton, son, Oct. 7.

    Dylan Ray Short and Nekya Mae Ruiz, daughter, Oct. 8.

    Maanas Bhooshan Mujumdar and Gayatri Suhas Kadlaskar, daughter, Oct. 8.

    Coleman Keith McLeod and Sharon Danielle McLeod, son, Oct. 8.

    Beth Ann Jessie, twin son and daughter, Oct. 8.

    Cameron Alexander Mack and Keely Shaye Rye, daughter, Oct. 8.

    Michael Corey Clark and Emily Danielle Clark, daughter, Oct. 9.

    Taylor Ferdinand Buening and Tiffiannie Nicole Buening, daughter, Oct. 9.

    Travis Andrew Pelo and Kaitlyn Rose Pelo, daughter, Oct. 9.

    Alex Shaw Oser and Kayla Lorraine Oser, son, Oct. 10.

    Michael Adetayo Akinola and Adedolapo Adenike Akinola, son, Oct. 11.

    Bryce Andrews Essex and Dorothy Louise Hanner, son, Oct. 11.

    George Perez and Jennifer Nichole Fields, son, Oct. 11.

    Garrett Michael Holloway and Kaila Kristine Sarah McNeill, daughter, Oct. 11.

    Clark Allen Thompson and Emma Eileen Thompson, daughter, Oct. 11.

    Abdul Wahab Sadat and Brekhna Sadat, son, Oct. 12.

    James Austin Arthur and Kelsey Anna Arthur, daughter, Oct. 12.

    Aaron James Towell Watson and Tristan Hope Watson, son, Oct. 12.

    William Chase Patrick and Hayley Kristine Howell, daughter, Oct. 13.

    Dhruv Kohli and Urvashi Batra, daughter, Oct. 13.

    Timothy Paul Silas and Krystan Miranda Silas, son, Oct. 13.

    Bruce Byford Bowman and Shelby Marie Harsh, twin daughter and son, Oct. 13.

    Jackie Alan Spencer and Kala Leeann McCord, daughter, Oct. 14.

    Peter S. Miller and Viola G. Miller, daughter, Oct. 14.

    Andrew Steven Hall and Jessica Renee Hall, son, Oct. 14.

    Tyler David Gray and Macy Elizabeth Gray, daughter, Oct. 14.

    Robert Allen Wheeler and Morgan Ashley Wheeler, son, Oct. 15.

    Joshua Nathaniel Phipps and Diana Catalina Phipps, daughter, Oct. 15.

    Jordan Andrew Zachary and Ashley Michael Slack, son, Oct. 16.

    Evan Riley Wischmeier and Shelby Rose Hiatt, son, Oct. 18.

    Stephen Anthony Hughes and Emily Amelia Hughes, son, Oct. 18.

    Joshua Jerome Bowers and Tiffany Marie Bowers, daughter, Oct. 18.

    Mohammad Khalid Rahmani and Zarlasht Rahmani, daughter, Oct. 18.

    Bryan Dominique Barnett and Juliea Esta Barnett, daughter, Oct. 19.

    Rachel D. Burton, daughter, Oct. 19.

    Rose Marie Dawn Wilder, son, Oct. 19.

    Juan Esquivel and Carrly Ashley Isbell, son, Oct. 19.

    William Miguel Viel Torres and Magaly Lergier Santiago, son, Oct. 20.

    Brenden Heath Lee and Amanda Shay Lee, daughter, Oct. 20.

    Tanner Joseph Brock and Samantha Dawn Bennitt, son, Oct. 21.

    Karson Eugene Spurgeon and Loretta Lynn Long, son, Oct. 21.

    Jacob Thomas Pardieck and Samantha Dawn Clark, son, Oct. 21.

    Jose Daniel Baez Guzman and Maria Magdalena Enriquez Beltran, daughter, Oct. 21.

    Ethan James Adkins and Regan Dawn Terry, son, Oct. 21.

    Chyenne Marie Bowers, daughter, Oct. 21.

    Madison Denae Swindall, daughter, Oct. 21.

    Fawad Amarkhail Omari and Frishta Omari, daughter, Oct. 22.

    Kevin Dewayne Smith and Makayla Lynn Smith, son, Oct. 22.

    Srinivas Alla and Priyanka Kembavimath, son, Oct. 22.

    Garett Keith Doverspike and Cheyenne Marie Scales, daughter, Oct. 23.

    Nakul Dholu and Manasi Dholu, daughter, Oct. 23.

    Bryan Michael Mitchell and Heather Ann Smith, son, Oct. 23.

    Michael Ray Hueston and Jessica Lee Hueston, daughter, Oct. 24.

    Cody Aaron Brown and Hunter Leigh Brown, daughter, Oct. 24.

    Gilber Gabriel Aguilar and Catarina Francisco Sebastian, daughter, Oct. 24.

    Rahmatullah Rahmani and Nasima Rahmani, son, Oct. 25.

    Robert Charles Butler and Sarah Ruth Butler, son, Oct. 25.

    Timotelin Nezar Velasco De Jesus and Ines Bautista Ramirez, daughter, Oct. 25.

    Tyler Matthew Hurt and Morgan Christine Hunter, daughter, Oct. 25.

    Ronnie Shamar Pierre Thompson and Kari Lynn Zimmerman, daughter, Oct. 26.

    Tyler James Dust and Amber Nicole Dust, son, Oct. 26.

    Shafiullrahman Arman and Bibi Norgul Arman, daughter, Oct. 26.

    Brandon Lyn Danforth and Dana Elizabeth Danforth, Oct. 26.

    Corey Tyler Hall and Payton Danielle Ingalsbe, daughter, Oct. 27.

    Bradley Thomas Oswalt and Jessica Leigh Oswalt, daughter, Oct. 27.

    Shay Robert Dwight Jewell and Cierra Starr DuLong, daughter, Oct. 27.

    Brittany Dawn Ackerman, daughter, Oct. 27.

    Roy Austin Goode and Brittany Lynn Beals, daughter, Oct. 28.

    Joaquin Eleazar and Daysi Julissa Dubon, son, Oct. 28.

    Deepesh Goyal and Prachi Jalan, son, Oct. 28.

    James Michael Brown and Amanda Dawn Brown, daughter, Oct. 29.

    Wesley Mitchell Jordan and Kelsey Mashelle Jordan, son, Oct. 29.

    Darrin Allen Ferry and Brittany Ann Ferry, son, Oct. 31.

    Mathieu Pierre Garin and Laura Garin, son, Oct. 31.