Around Town – Dec. 22

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Orchids to

Jean Ann and John for the beautiful poinsettia, from thankful neighbors.

Columbus Jeep Club Of Indiana for going above and beyond in making sure the Anderson Center has everything we need to provide for our children and families during this Holiday Season. May God Bless you all, from Beth Ann.

the current administration for not blaming the omicron virus on the past administration.

Bartholomew Co. REMC administrative staff for always providing excellent customer service, from Sheryl Foist.

those groups still working to get our Americans out of Afghanistan, when the current administration forgot them.

Sen. Manchin for saving this country.

those who understand that the new roundabouts on Taylor Road don’t have curbs because fire trucks need to get through quickly.

more police, more prosecutions, more punishment. Problem solved.

missionaries in Haiti who found a way to escape their captors and return home.

all those who still wear a mask in public and realize we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and we cannot let our guard down.

Sen. Manchin of West Virginia for standing his ground.

Kaylan Fields for the card, the flowers, and the cake, from grandma Dunlevy.

CPD and CFD for helping clean up and keep Brooks Street safe, Merry Christmas, from all the Brooks Street children.

CPD and CFD and anybody that was involved for keeping Brooks Street safe for the Christmas season, from the family that lives on Brooks Street plus eight.

Sen. Joe Manchin for standing firm despite harassment and name-calling from sore losers.

Laura in the auditor’s office for going beyond the call of duty, thanks so much.

whoever decorated the City Hall steps with all the beautiful decorations and lights, thank you.

Onions to

the driver of the black Blazer who must think that so long as they signal lane changes, speeding and passing cars down Central, Haw Creek and Third on the way out of town meets the “Treating People With Kindness” sticker on the rear window.

the local 27-hole public golf course for closing its course between Dec. 24th and Jan. 31st even though we are having great weather.

the 20-year cycle in US history when a leader takes his followers to their deaths but this time also taking along innocent non-followers.

those failing to mention if people have found a way to survive without employment that will make the unemployment numbers falsely low.

those that don’t understand the true percentage of people who don’t have jobs or aren’t making enough money is often worse than the official unemployment rate suggests.

another 23K going into the money pit.

those who only look backward, when what is in front of us Americans, with this president, is to be feared.

the current administration for allowing more Americans to die of COVID than did under the former administration.

those who claim a mandatory voter ID requirement, ergo fair and honest elections, is voter suppression.

North Korea, which has imposed a ban on laughter, leisure activities and alcohol for 11 days in honor of former leader. America open yours eyes! First comes socialism then communism.

the exponential overuse of the word exponentially.

politicians who support fellow politicians at all costs and pretend they have done nothing wrong.

the former dynamic duo who will go down in history as having been responsible for more American deaths than any foreign enemy has ever caused.

the former leader whose lies and failure to quickly act against the virus resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths.

the company that takes money from the working poor and gets credit for helping Bartholomew County School District.

the ball hog and the coach who supports her.

the farmer who constantly has muddy water running out onto the road; if he can afford all the cattle, he can afford a little bit of rock to put in the drive.

those who have nothing better to do than to call at 4:30 or 5 a.m. with crank calls when you’re trying to get some rest.

the brown car that flew through two stop signs in Northbrook, running 40-50 mph on Monday afternoon.

Happy Birthday to

Charity Ayers, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Jacqueline Cortez on No. 38.

Sue Miller, from Doc, Kay, and Susan.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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