Around Town — Dec. 29

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Dec. 29

Orchids to

Lori Sprague, thank you for all you do to help me.

Terry Marbach and Lee Shipman for their letters everyone should pay attention to, from Greg Dinkins.

both of the letters to the editor in Friday’s paper, right on and I agree with them thoroughly.

the nice man that helped me find the right road to get back to Columbus, from the lady in the Malibu.

the Ceraland Park staff for a very nice experience with the light display this year, thank you very much for the time you put into that.

the angel who gave me a gift card for Christmas, may God bless you, from Norma Smith.

the people on the corner of Ninth and Union for taking the time to put up a wonderfully beautiful Christmas display.

Onions to

saying the current leader is “letting” people die of COVID-19 when he is actually begging people to get vaccinated.

thinking the out-of-state senator is doing a great thing when he is actually putting 50,000 children in his home state back below the poverty line.

state senator refusing to vote for a bill that will feed children in his home state so they must go hungry.

principals who do not live in the school district they work in.

the state official claiming the state’s reported COVID numbers are fraudulent but won’t use his own powers to investigate.

giving politicians power to override local health officials if their pandemic proposals are more stringent than statewide rules.

new player who has cause two teammates to quit.

senior organization for allowing the homeless to use the facilities and making members feel unsafe.

the federal elected official for orchestrating the supply chain crisis and being an overall embarrassment.

people who don’t even realize the true meaning of Christmas.

the guest columnist who chose their political party favorite and slammed another political party.

the present administration still blaming everything on the previous administration.

the cashier with her “get behind the line” comment when there was no line on the floor and throwing the cards around like they’re trash.

drivers who don’t turn on their headlights after dusk and during rainfall.

extreme reckless driving throughout the city, including u-turns on main streets and constant speeding.

Happy Birthday to

Frankie Poole III, from Dad, Brandi, Brewskie, Koozie, and Lexi.

Paige McDaniel on No. 16, from the Pooles.

Ryan Mann, from Diana