Around Town — Dec. 30

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Dec. 30

Orchids to

those who care enough about their community to get vaccinated and wear a mask in public.

the local hospital that removed the news channel from patient choices.

the nice gentleman that stopped and asked if I was OK after someone spun me out on the new overpass.

Miller Pipeline for doing such neat work in the Marr Road and Everroad Park East area and planting grass seed and leaving things looking nice, from a Marr Road resident.

my friends and neighbors in the North Field condos for the delicious Christmas treats, from Peggy.

Conner at Panera’s, from First United Methodist Church.

Onions to

the federal elected official for not closing the border all year.

not making it harder to get tax exempt status for TV religious groups that have exempt income from selling items.

the utility that will not make payment arrangements by phone.

hospitals complaining about high inpatient counts and low vaccination rates while hospital employees remain unvaccinated.

the woman at the skating rink who didn’t put her mask on but instead carried and fluttered it all around kids who were wearing their masks correctly.

the skating rink for posting a large sign requiring masks but then not enforcing it.

the unvaccinated and those who do not wear a mask in public causing Indiana to be named the most dangerous state.

whoever designed the road with 75% of it not much wider than a single lane path and then the remainder with a concrete median.

seniors who need to feel more comfortable and compassionate around the homeless because there are going to be more of them and they themselves might be someday soon.

the city for the traffic circle.

the city for spending millions on trails when the money would be better spent widening Taylor Road and reinstalling 4-way stop signs before somebody gets killed.

e-learning which is such a big handicap for elementary students.

whoever thought it was a good idea to waste tax payer money on putting in the ridiculous roundabouts on Taylor Road.

children being hospitalized with COVID at twice the rate of adults, we need to get the children vaccinated.

letter writer who forgot the most important thing — God.

the cars that didn’t stop at the stoplight.

doctor for canceling the insurance and not notifying the patients.

the federal official who was supposed to be in charge on Jan. 6 who should be removed from office.

Happy Birthday to

Carter Doody, from your family and Donna.

Teresa Greathouse, from all your family and friends with love.