Letter: Time to run to replace bureaucrats, politicians

From: Brian Jasper


In March of 2020, while Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. was advocating a referendum to raise taxes for teacher pay, I warned that the leadership of BCSC does not reflect the values of this community. I cited that a few years ago, against the wishes of hundreds of parents, BCSC instituted a transgender bathroom policy. More recently, in response to parents’ attempt to hold BCSC accountable concerning critical race theory, social and emotional learning as well as COVID policy, BCSC went to a virtual format for the next meeting.

This contempt for the people bureaucrats and politicians represent is not just an issue at BCSC; most of our politicians have isolated themselves. Just try to reach the county council or the county commissioners. I tried to contact Commissioner Tony London. Good luck getting past his call screener! But they certainly want to be able to find you. The county is putting up license plate cameras recording everyone going in and out of the county.

The only difference between our two parties is they have different tents at the fair. For example, the former Democratic county chair received the blessing to run as a Republican. That’s why nothing changes except our taxes go up to pay for remodeling their offices, building new buildings for them and providing 82% pay raises. And their new $15/hour minimum wage, even for part-time government jobs. Then there’s the added benefit of being able to contract out your job to a study group.

Other local institutions have failed us too. Where are our churches in opposing these radical agendas taking over our schools and community? Since they have remained silent, do they approve of this agenda?

Indiana is falling far behind in protecting Hoosiers’ freedoms and rights because of spineless bureaucrats, politicians and other institutions who refuse to engage in what matters most. There is a Republican supermajority in the Statehouse, yet no significant Republican legislation gets passed and certainly nothing that represents Indiana’s traditional values majority.

Ebay unlocked wealth because a buyer and seller trust each other to complete a transaction. The same mutually beneficial relationship could be released in our own community and state but our representatives have broken that trust agreement and taken our money without sending us the product they promised.

Their bright yellow spines and their deep blue hearts give us the green light to run for office to replace them. Let’s start with the school board by replacing outdated education-industrial complex bureaucrats with parents then continue the reform by replacing the unelected bureaucrats within. Then let’s provide an incentive of $250 or even $500 for evidence of critical race theory (which is now called “social/emotional learning”) being taught in our classrooms. Let’s follow the lead of county leaders and put cameras in the classroom. After that we’ll install cameras in the commissioner’s and sheriff’s offices.