Around Town — Dec. 31

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Dec. 31

Orchids to

Doug Bell for a great letter!

Dylan Patterjew for helping me fix my roof, from Bub.

MercyMe for “I Can Only Imagine,” love Sharon Phillips.

the members of First United Methodist Church who are preparing and delivering sack lunches to people in the Central Lincoln neighborhood, thank you.

Clark Holland for always being ready to help, from Judy.

Brian Jasper for the outstanding letter.

our neighboring states for providing Hoosiers with safe, and quality regulated cannabis products for two years.

Onions to

forcing people to drive around 3/4 of a roundabout to make a simple left hand turn.

the utility company thinking it’s a great idea to leave plates of metal all over Marr Road.

politically-themed criticisms and especially those bashing political figures.

the city official who does not appear to know how roundabouts work.

the unvaccinated athlete whose status is in question for the next critical game.

the police officers who do not protect and serve.

continuing to blame the former federal elected official for everything.

the federal elected official’s pandemic rescue aid plan being spent on a lot of unnecessary items that had nothing to do with the pandemic.

Happy Birthday to

Mike Weddle, from the Weddle bunch.

Mike Compton, love Donita.