Mall signs removed in preparation for NexusPark rebranding

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Local officials are taking a step towards cementing FairOaks Mall’s new identity as NexusPark.

Work has begun on removing FairOaks signage from the mall. Mary Ferdon, the city’s executive director of administration and community development, said that removal began Wednesday and would likely be completed quickly.

Green Sign Company did the external sign removals, while the internal signage was removed by parks and NexusPark facilities staff.

“This is just so that we start getting the community to think that this is NexusPark, and it’s hard to do with Fair Oaks all over the outside of the building and on the property,” Ferdon said at the FairOaks Community Development Corp. Board’s Jan. 12 meeting.

“…As we move forward, we know that we need to get the NexusPark branding up on the property.”

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