Around Town – Jan. 22

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Orchids to

both the columns by John Krull, and The Republic editorial “Laughing Stock Indiana”.

Michelle and Stacy at the library for being so helpful and pleasant.

Dr. Vieira, Dr. Murphy, Julie and the surgical staff at CRH for the wonderful care of my wife, from a grateful husband.

the Jan. 6 committee that has proven that the only attempts to steal the 2020 election were by the former leader’s campaign.

Bartholomew County Commissioner Tony London for presenting an extremely informative and insightful program to Columbus Sunrise Rotary members on Friday.

the ever-deepening investigation into the part of the former federal leader orchestrating the January attack on the US Capitol.

Richard and Oscar of the Geek Squad for setting up and instructing us in the use of our new TV.

John Krull for getting real on the COVID facts.

John Krull’s column. Wake up people.

the person that handed in my purple hurricane at Walmart earlier this week, from Wanda.

Onions to

people who believe deaths from COVID aren’t real. A field trip through the COVID hospital wards should be held for them.

our state and national representatives, who are representing their personal views, and not the good of the people.

not rebranding their utopian pet project as Money Pit Park.

companies still having unnecessary large gatherings and parties in the midst of a ravaging pandemic, have we learned nothing the last 2 years?

the family with all the junk, trash and unsafe conditions for children in the neighborhood.

the state representative who continues to spew idiocy regarding COVID.

those who will not get the vaccine despite having family, friends and coworkers that are at risk.

coaches who whine about who they don’t have vs. players who stepped in to play.

state representative voting against workplace vaccination requirements that would provide the greater safety for all.

Happy Birthday to

Brenda Oden, from your family, Deb and Donna.

Alivia Kellems, from your family and Donna.

Katie Brishaber, from your family and Donna.

Don Golden on No. 85, love the Embrys.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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