Winter storm watch issued for entire state, county should expect 4+ inches of snow and ice

Editor’s note: Beginning today, all winter storm information will be outside the Republic’s paywall and available outside the newspaper’s website story limits.

COLUMBUS, Ind. — The National Weather Service has listed Bartholomew County in a winter storm watch which remains in effect from Wednesday night through late Thursday night.

Heavy mixed precipitation is possible with total snow accumulations at 4 inches or more for southern Indiana and 8 inches or more for northern Indiana. Ice accumulations of around 1/10th of an inch are possible.

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency offers the following tips to prepare for a winter storm:

  • Follow the instructions of state and local officials and listen to local radio or TV stations for updated emergency information. Sign up for your community’s warning system. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio also provide emergency alerts.
  • Gather supplies in case you need to stay home for several days without power. Keep in mind each person’s specific needs, including medication. Do not forget the needs of pets. Have extra batteries for radios and flashlights.
  • Make sure your phone and other electronic items are fully charged in case you lose power.
  • Limit your time outside. If you need to go outside, wear layers of warm clothing. Watch for signs of frostbite and hypothermia.

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The following should be part of a emergency kit for a vehicle during a winter storm:

  • a full tank of gas
  • extra hats and gloves
  • first-aid kit
  • phone charger
  • flashlight with extra batteries.
  • weather radio with good batteries
  • nonperishable food items, like protein bars, in the vehicle
  • one or two blankets
  • a couple of bottles of drinking water.
  • extra pet food, if applicable.
  • shovel or ice scraper

Source: American Automobile Association