Letter: Prevention is lost on parties analyzing abortion issue

From: Herman Fields


It is with great concern that we are having such discourse in the two-party system regarding the serious issue of abortion. As I read the lead article in Sunday’s paper (“Party-line divide: Local candidates for state offices reveal views on abortion”), I saw two incompetent political parties. Neither is addressing the root cause of this problem. On one hand you have the groveling puritan and on the other hand you have people unsure of any remedy.

My thoughts would be for both parties to address the root cause of this, which is unwanted pregnancies. No one believes that abortion is right or good. All Americans would like to see it as unneeded. But I think the answer to that is to prevent the pregnancy in the first place. Educate the children, provide birth control, and provide counseling for our youth. Drill into their heads how permanent an unplanned pregnancy is. I am not talking about just the girls; most young women have some responsibility. Let’s indoctrinate these young men about the seriousness of their actions as well.

It is evident what we have done for the last 50 years has not accomplished much. So I say vote all the politicians out of office and let’s get some in office that will deal with the root cause of this problem.