Around Town — June 7

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Orchids to

the entire crew of Columbus Indiana Huey for providing a wonderful flight experience.

St. Bartholomew Catholic Church for a wonderful multilingual celebration of the Feast of Pentecost.

the officers and the responders who helped at the wreck around noon May 30 at U.S. 31 and Central Avenue.

the police officers, first responders, firefighters and ambulance personnel who help the community and do so much that we don’t know.

Josh Aerie, Columbus Symphony and Darren Li for a beautiful and dynamic concert Sunday.

Joy Lawler for her excellent letter.

Tom Smith Glass for staying open late and a quick repair and delivery of a screen door which kept my little grandkids safely corralled.

WCSI for putting on Free Talk Live on Sunday.

Sharon at Centra Credit Union for all your help Thursday, it was appreciated, from Tom and Judy.

Whipker’s Market for the donation of pallets for the kids’ summer workshop.

Harmon Construction for their generosity, from Don and Mike Matern.

to the jogger who found my bag and returned it, from Noel.

Onions to

the federal leader and his administration for refusing to fix all the country’s problems he has caused.

complaining about two-way traffic on Washington Street.

the administration for releasing criminals, allowing illegals and criminals in our country, then telling me I have no right to purchase an AR-15 for my protection.

the shameful non-action of the political party for refusing to even discuss firearm changes.

complaining about the utility company when she could be still without power, you can’t throw onions at Mother Nature.

the letter in Saturday’s paper.

the lawmaker who says he needs to learn more, while our students are slaughtered in the classrooms, and citizens are killed as they go about their daily lives.

the political party that arms the murderers of children better than they equip the police.

hate combined with free access to semi-automatic weapons, which is a recipe for disaster.

people who turn their cats loose in a neighborhood to roam and cause problems on others’ property.

the visiting federal official who came up with no concrete ideas on protecting human life.

our local state official for his recent remarks about gun violence.

the federally-elected official who came to town and made the usual excuses for doing nothing about the gun problem.

the city for letting Northbrook look like a junkyard.

claiming you need an AR-15 to eliminate foxes and racoons, can’t imagine what you’d need for a coyote.

the administration who allowed the federal ban on assault rifles to expire in 2004.

neighbors who move into formerly quiet neighborhoods with multiple dogs and let them bark.

the federal official visiting our city in private with only those who agree with him and never announces his visit in advance and won’t meet with the public.

those who worry about gas prices when we are fortunate to have gas available.

leaving “I did that” stickers on other people’s property when you should know the president does not determine gas prices.

this federal administration not taking any actions beneficial to U.S. citizens.

politicians who refuse to accept any blame for their poor actions.

tightly rolled, rubber-banded newspapers that won’t straighten out.

Happy Birthday to

Tom Gorman, from Mary and your family.