Around Town – June 18

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

June 18

Orchids to

Destiny at Kroger for her sweet personality helping me with dinner.

Greg Duke for his courageous concern for the taxpayers.

Jean Marr Wilkins for her excellent letter.

Liz Cheney for having the courage and fortitude to stand up and speak the truth.

William Hartung for his column that ending war in Ukraine is in U.S.’s interest.

the Jan. 6 committee for uncovering the dastardly plot to destroy our democracy.

the Bartholomew County Council voting to allow us pay more in line with our counterparts in the state, from a county employee.

the Bartholomew County advocates who will never stop fighting for updated animal rights.

the committee exposing the former guy’s seditious, treasonous, and violent attempt to overthrow our democracy and disgracefully name himself dictator.

third shift clerk at local convenience store for helping me with the sandwich, from Kathy.

the hospital ICU for taking such good care of me, and the food was also great, thank you very much.

Americans who know that true justice involves both sides of every issue.

Greg Duke for thinking of the taxpayer.

Onions to

the private social media group blocking those not agreeing with their narrative, but claiming “disrespect will not be tolerated.”

a city and county that can’t do anything unless a consultant who has no interest in Columbus tells them what to do.

the solar farm protesters.

the former guy who almost got the vice president killed on Jan. 6 and isn’t sitting behind bars.

intolerant bigots who bully and impose their warped sense of morality on others who are different from them.

those continuing to support the former leader and his co-conspirators after their attempt to overthrow democracy to illegally remain in power.

people who are still supposed to be working from home but instead are babysitting their grandkids or camping out all week.

so-called hearing presenting only one side of the story and hiding all opposing facts.

the party in power spreading lies.

the large store where four people are standing around doing nothing and twiddling their thumbs.

the party doing everything in their power to keep the former elected official from running again.

not realizing the former federal official gave his yearly salary back to the nation.

the person who lost the 2016 election and the lady who ran for governor of Georgia who still say the election was stolen.

people who treat animals badly and then get mad when other people show concern.

Happy Birthday to

Ann Arterburn, from Friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Jaylen Simmons, from all your family.

Steve Kinser and Bill Knapp, from Lucy.

Happy Anniversary to

Michelle and Todd Fortini, from your family and Donna.