Fair announces baby personality winners

The annual Bartholomew County 4-H Fair Baby Contest took place Sunday in the Farm Bureau Building. More than 70 babies participated and the results are as follows.

3-6 month girls Champion: Hattie Hayes; parents: Halie and Willy Hayes

Reserve Champion: Vada Loyd; parents: Ashley and Brayden Loyd

3-6 month boys Champion: Aiden Carman; parents: Keeton and Cierra Carman

Reserve Champion: Mason Haak; parents: Emily Hart and Nikolai Haak

7-9 month girls Champion: Vera Ann Brown; parents: Amanda and James Brown

Reserve Champion: Parker Arnholt; parents: Conner and Morgan Arnholt

7-9 month boys Champion: Kenton Marsh; parents: Cheyenne Moneymaker and Garrett Marsh

Reserve Champion: Kaden Dust; parents: Tyler and Amber Dust

10-13 month girls Champion: Clara Burns; parents: Josh and Brittany Burns

Reserve Champion: Scarlett Moore; parents: Destiny and Kraig Moore

10-13 month boys Champion: Charlie Jackson; parents Haley and Dakota Jackson

Reserve Champion: Kyler Mobley; parents: William and Darcy Mobley

14-18 month girls Champion: Nora Hauser; parents: Derrick and Hannah Hauser

Reserve Champion: Everleigh Garcia; parents: Nikki Hendrickson and Hector Garcia

14-18 month boys Champion: Waylon Purdue; parents: William and Claudia Purdue

Reserve Champion: Kooper Graham; parents: Blake Thompson and Jacob Graham

19-24 month girls Champion: Elaina Thompson; parents: Hannah and Dalton Thompson

Reserve Champion: Adalee Sheehan; parents: Parker Wetherald and Kyle Sheehan

19-24 month boys Champion: Arlo Patterson; parents; Emily Patterson

Reserve Champion: Lucian Carpenter; parents: Kori Carpenter

Multiples Champion: Phenyx and Raelyn Bowman; parents: Bruce and Shelby Bowman