Around Town – July 2

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July 2

Orchids to

Tessa from public library for always being helpful and explaining things to older people.

John Krull’s last column was on point.

John Krull’s column.

Steve Jasper for his great letter, from David Spear.

city chuck hole patrol for the great job, quick one day response on the Laurel Drive/Mead Village repair!

Michael Greven for his letter, from Sheila.

the Republic for a superb editorial raising questions legislators must answer before they vote on any anti-abortion legislation.

the Republic for the Answer Book, it was very beneficial to the community.

all the young adults that are active in the fair this year.

all the editorials in the paper on Thursday.

T&M Tree Service for the great job cutting the trees and cleaning up in Northgate.

the people who provided the music at our 70th birthday party for the class of 1970.

Allen and the guys at Nissan for the best auto buying experience ever, from Beverly.

Steve Jasper for his letter.

Michael Greven for his letter to the editor.

the maid with twins of Hope.

Roberta Miller and Jason Kine, from the Houchin family.

Onions to

anyone who persists in talking about ‘God-given’ rights, your imagination has nothing to do with our rights.

the federal court violating legal principle by changing a decision already made and making a farce of our legal system.

the house flippers with no permits posted while doing major construction.

the federal elected official assuming all Americans want to fund his world dream of funding their war through us paying higher gas prices.

the former official exhibiting such cowardice.

the thief stealing or attempting to steal dogs and breaking a dog’s leg while attempting to take it.

making abortion illegal, it will force many to choose less medically safe and more dangerous ways to get an abortion.

the local health insurance company not allowing any new mental health providers in their network.

pro-abortion supporters apparently thinking God has nothing to do with it since they never mention Him.

elected official who thinks God gave the Constitution, God wrote “Do not murder,” fallible men wrote the Bill Of Rights.

the weather sirens that only work accurately when letting us know it’s noon on the first Friday of every month.

any legislator voting on anti-abortion legislation without considering miscarriage, women’s rights and the no-brainers of rape and incest.

Happy Birthday to

Beverly Grable, from Mom and the family.