Around Town – July 5

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July 5

Orchids to

Liz Cheney for continuing to tell the truth about the disgraced former leader.

The growing number of Americans who have come to realize the election of 2020 was never stolen, and those who promoted/supported the attack on our democracy should be punished.

Onions to

the majority of Indiana legislators, we don’t need another special session, you’ve done enough damage as it is.

the Supreme Court for supporting a theocracy form of government rather than a democracy.

having to endure high gas prices for as long as it takes, because elections have consequences.

the false representative who is a complete embarrassment to the State of Indiana and to anyone who continues to vote for this false representative.

those falsely stating that overturning Roe v. Wade bans abortion, when all it does is return the decision back to the States where it belongs.

the writer that should heed his own advice, if you really think this administration is so good, it may be time to stop writing.

the guest columnist in Saturday’s opinion page — what planet is he writing about?

the party that used to believe in a small government that wants to control what my kids read, who I love, who I can marry and my medical procedures.

The house with the “legalize medicinal cannabis” sign in the front yard and often the smell of burning marijuana.

people who say they use marijuana only for medicinal purposes, but sometimes move on to more dangerous drugs, which could lead to an overdose.

Those who support, promote, and to this day continue to spread lies that the election of 2020 was stolen.