Around Town – July 23

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

July 23

Orchids to

Candice Jones for her column.

the city police officer who rescued a dog wandering around in traffic at 17th and Central, from an animal lover.

the lady in the SUV at McDonald’s drive-thru for buying our breakfast, we’ll pass it forward.

Paula Stahl’s very nice letter.

David Huber for mowing your neighbor’s yards.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh for boldly speaking the truth.

Tony and family for buying two ladies lunch at Cracker Barrel, much appreciated.

holding the former leader accountable for his actions and inactions during the assault on democracy and the Capitol.

Onions to

representative who routinely votes against his constituents’ interests.

lawmakers out of touch with their constituents, turning a blind eye to 70% of citizens who do not want restrictions on abortion access.

the state legislator, who, if he is as caring as he would like us to believe, would’ve included all innocent victims of the mall shooting in his fundraising.

politicians who voted against sensible gun laws, completely ignoring had they voted differently, lives may have been saved.

selling corn that half the ears have kernels too small to eat and they get mad if you shuck it back before buying.

the lady being rude to customers and the employee trying to help the customer.

our representatives for considering an abortion ban.

the local administration allowing illegal aliens to receive public assistance.

the political party wanting smaller government but not if it has to do with women or sex.

the dog owner that walks his pet on the very hot asphalt street.

representative voting against a person’s right to contraceptives and same sex marriage, trying to take us back to 1952.

willfully ignoring if we had some plain common sense gun laws there wouldn’t have been a mass shooting in Greenwood.

our congressman for once again voting against the consensus of his constituents.

the party who will censure their own for being brave enough to speak the truth and uphold the Constitution.

the company that doesn’t give all the paychecks out when they said everyone will get a check.

the political party for spending millions of dollars on witch hunts.

Happy Birthday to

Cassie Stillinger, from Toni Frazita.

Amanda Carrigan, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

George Ferguson.

Wyatt Glenn Rarey on No. 6, love Shake Senora/Liquid Diet and Mari Dog.

Penny Gilham, from your friend Carolyn.

Happy Anniversary to

Gary and Joyce Bragg, from your family, Leta and Donna.