Around Town – Aug. 6

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Aug. 6

Orchids to

the power of the vote and that the abortion issue should be brought to a vote by the people, not left up to a handful of representatives.

Dennis Baute for his honesty and opinion.

my Mom for all the help she’s given me with getting around this last month while I’ve been on crutches following a knee surgery, from Mark E.

Mandy Johnson at Kay Jewelers for going above and beyond in customer service, from Robin Hammack.

Bill Nash for his tireless service over two decades.

the lady at Love Chapel dealing with a rude client, you handled her very well, from a thankful client.

William Gerhard for his letter.

the young lady at Advanced Auto for going out of her way and bringing the item out to my car, much appreciated.

all the businesses and women who are making plans to move out of Indiana because of archaic Dark Ages laws.

the Democrat’s Inflation Reduction Act.

Paul and PJ in maintenance in Fox Pointe Apartments.

Onions to

those who feel entitled to call ahead for a dozen ears of corn when all they have to do is walk to the shelf and help themselves.

the prior federal executive for his comment on Feb. 22 that Putin’s action on Ukraine is genius and very savvy.

the federal administration for continued gaslighting about the economy, inflation, border security, the Iran nuclear deal and federal spending.

those who falsely presume to speak for all the constituents in the representative’s district.

those lambasting our representative on his votes, read the bill before speaking as the devil is always in the details!

voters not realizing that taking away abortion rights by the state is about overreach and extremism.

food service workers with long and painted fingernails.

the committee wrongly assigned to ramrod the abortion bill through, and the person who directed it there.

abortion rights being stolen by the governor and representatives of the state.

the political party that seems to want to take us back to the time when women were considered property.

the dog owner who is slandering our long-time elected county official.

a handful of people that think this city is an excellent place to live, work, visit and play.

those who cannot think for themselves and believe the political lies.

the former first family of Columbus giving us another white elephant.

politicians who are adopting the former guy’s lies.

drive-thru restaurants who charge more for one drink than other drinks.

voters not being allowed to vote on the abortion issue.

Happy Birthday to

Janet Feisbeck, love Leroy, Jeri, Bob, Sharon, Linda, and your other friends and family.

Happy Anniversary to

Chuck and Tina Boddie, from your family and Donna.