Letter: Vote extremist Rep. Ryan Lauer out of office in November

From: Marilyn Hayes


Rep. Ryan Lauer wants all women in Columbus who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy to be forced to give birth! He cares not the circumstances — do you already have three children and can’t afford more? — has your doctor advised the pregnancy could be detrimental to your health? — has your life plan not included parenthood at this time? No matter, Rep. Lauer cares not a whit about your wishes.

Rep. Lauer wants to outlaw abortions in our state including pregnancy because of rape and incest. It would be fine with him if the 10-year-old girl who recently came to our state to abort her rapist’s child had been forced to give birth — babies having babies! All Democrats and even some Republicans couldn’t abide an amendment to remove exclusions for rape and incest so it failed to pass. But not our representative — he voted for it!

When voters in Kansas were given the opportunity to tell their legislature how they felt about outlawing abortion in their state, they voted 59% to 41% to keep abortions legal. Pundits point out that Indiana normally votes very similarly to Kansas. Other states having abortion-related ballot measures are Kentucky, Montana, California, Michigan and Vermont. But not in Indiana!

One woman representative from Muncie offered an amendment proposing a non-binding vote in every county to gauge the support for the anti-abortion legislation. Lauer joined fellow Republicans to defeat that. Are you kidding? Why would they care what their constituents think? And for sure they don’t want to find out. Kansans did that and it didn’t work out so well!

Come November, vote extremist Lauer out!

Editor’s note: This letter is paid political content. It is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.