Letter: Abortion debate ignores question of when human life begins

From: John Armstrong


Abortion advocates, aided by the media, refuse to discuss the real issue in the abortion debate, namely, abortion itself. Instead, they shift the debate to a woman’s “right” to choose, or to “reproductive health care,” or to threats by big pharma and other corporations that any restriction to abortion-on-demand will impair profitability, anything to avoid the issue of intentionally ending an innocent human life.

In an article from the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy in 1999, Dr. Dianne Irving writes, “A human being is the immediate product of fertilization. As such he/she is a single-cell embryonic zygote, an organism with 46 chromosomes, the number required of a member of the human species. This human being immediately produces specifically human proteins and enzymes, directs his/her own further growth and development as human, and is a new, genetically unique, newly existing, live human individual.”

The unborn is not developing into a human being but is a human being in development. He/she is not merely part of the mother’s body but a distinct individual living within the mother’s body.

Margot Cleveland, writing in The Federalist, correctly observes that the debate we should be having is whether state law should permit or prohibit the killing of a human being in utero. That is the real issue, that is the debate which the US Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision encourages us to have, but that is not the debate which the abortion advocates or the media want.