Letter: Republicans embarrassing and need to be voted out

From: Scott Keen


I continue to be embarrassed by Indiana Republicans.

In 2020, 57% of Hoosiers voted for the former president (TFP). Fortunately, he lost by a huge margin to President Joe Biden. We all know the truth. There was no election fraud. Sixty-plus courts and every election official in the country say so. But TFP still claims he was robbed. His minions agree. About 77% of GOP voters (and almost half of all Hoosiers!) still think he won.

Can anyone who believes that really be taken seriously?

We’ve learned the “party of law and order” doesn’t care that a mob, incited by TFP, brutally beat Capitol Police for hours in hand to hand combat as he gleefully watched on TV, doing nothing to stop it. The GOP is actively impeding the investigating of that insurrection. Both my US senators and Rep. Greg “go ahead, hang my brother” Pence still irrationally cast aspersions that the election was fraudulent.

The GOP believes that the Second Amendment reigns supreme, even though they usually can’t recite it. Indiana loves gun sellers and shooters. A lot. Even more than school kids?

Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun just voted against capping the price of insulin for diabetics. Indiana has a relativity unhealthy population. That cap would have helped millions.

Our senators also initially resisted the toxic burn pit legislation protecting veterans until they were shamed into supporting it. Republicans seem unified in their dislike for poor, sick Americans. But veterans?

Republicans say climate change is a hoax as the world alternately burns and floods. Not one Republican voted to support the Inflation Reduction Act that funds the battle against climate change.

Among states, Indiana is third worst in maternal mortality rate, ninth in infant mortality. Wouldn’t Gov. Eric Holcomb’s tax “rebates” be better used to address that?

And the GOP coup de grace: the near total banning of all abortion rights in Indiana. Republicans, largely white Christian men, are reversing the right to bodily autonomy that American women have owned for almost 50 years.

Representative Ryan Lauer and Sen. Eric Koch wanted a stricter ban on abortion, no exceptions. Attorney General Todd Rokita publicly denigrated the doctor who legally helped a 10-year-old rape victim. That’s cruel.

Those old white guys, often confused about how female anatomy works, are ecstatic, Indiana being the first state post-Roe to again consign women to the subordinate role assigned in their Bible: I Corinthians 11:9: “Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man”.

Let me say this: the women in my life have been quite capable of making their own decisions.

Next up: Contraception? Same-sex and interracial marriage? Social Security? Medicare? The VA?

The mean-spirited, Christian nationalist GOP apparently doesn’t think much about “melting pot” Americans and even less of women. They believe that GOP beliefs should be shared by all. They don’t care what constituents think.

How do we fix this? Vote them out!

Editor’s note: This letter is paid political content. It is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.