Around Town – Sept. 14

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Sept. 14

Orchids to

the wonderful people at H K Auto! Thank you, from the Mayer family.

the cartoon depiction on last Thursday’s opinion page.

leadership by example shown by Cummins initiative backing fund for people of color and women.

Julie at the Republic for once again helping me out with the information that I wanted, thanks.

Onions to

state legislators who took away women’s rights and turned women into second class citizens.

the political party that says they will abolish Social Security and Medicare in five years if they regain power.

the party presenting an honorary American flag flown above the Capitol to a convicted Jan. 6th rioter after she was released from prison.

those who don’t understand that the working class and those who didn’t go to college are going to be paying for student loan forgiveness.

county elected officials showing their lack of communication and unwillingness to contact others before asking questions that involve others.

women no longer having health care rights in this state and HIPPA no longer applying to women.

the terrible mowing job at the county facility.

politicians who run from debates because they can’t support their radical positions.

the leader who, when he sees a problem, discards the obvious best solution and makes the worst possible choice.

Happy Birthday to

Robin Niedbalski, from your family, Two Worlds, Deborah, Pat B., Pat W., Carolyn, Boyd and Donna.

Jay Ayers, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Maggie Dixon, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Easton Gates on No. 9, from Mom, Dad, Caydence, Steven, Grandma Jenny, Stephanie, Jessica, Skyler, Mason, and Ryder.