Around Town – Sept. 20

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Sept. 20

Orchids to

the lady picking up litter along Rocky Ford during her morning walk.

BBC America for their respectful and dignified coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

Christina Flowers for her excellent column in Sunday’s paper.

Kay Richards for organizing the 65th reunion of the Ogilville Class for 1957.

Onions to

not knowing that exercising age-appropriate discretion with materials is not censorship.

the educator for encouraging my son to drop out of school rather than providing the support needed to help resolve the issue, from a concerned parent.

the political party’s human trafficking and lying to the humans they are trafficking.

the former leader for inciting Q-Anon, and thank you for the article.

those who, like the brown shirts, thought it was a good idea to burn books.

the mayors and governors now crying about their border crisis.

those who follow the vulgar, mean, dishonest and selfish politician like he’s Jesus.

those who worry about what other people’s children read.

the local religious organization hiding behind the guise of “age appropriate” to censor books and impose their values on others.

all the foreigners bringing in their false religions into America.

kidnappers and human traffickers.

the older couple in the little yellow convertible that pulled in to my yard to park during the open house.

the county employees directing the public to drop off animals at the Bartholomew County Humane Society or turn them loose.

the county official who governs by way of fear and manipulates his constituents.

county officials for their wasteful spending and lack of transparency with the residents of this county while bullying their way through.

not realizing if there’s a book at the library you don’t like, just don’t take it out but please allow others to do so if they want.

worshiping any human being.

giving the country more financial aid, but telling our military personnel that if they need more financial help, to apply for food stamps.

the minivan that blew the light and the pickup that made a u-turn.

Happy Birthday to

Lance Marsh, from your family and Donna.

Shauna Thayer, from your family, Lori, Chris and Donna.