Indiana attorney general attempts to skip appellate process and appeal directly to Indiana Supreme Court on abortion issue

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana attorney general is attempting to skip a step in the appellate process and take the question of whether the state’s new abortion law is constitutional straight to the Indiana Supreme Court.

In a notice of appeal filed Friday, the state’s top lawyer is seeking a judicial review of the Monroe Circuit Court ruling in Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, Hawai’i, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky, Inc., et al. v. Members of the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana et al. The ruling blocked Senate Bill 1, which Gov. Eric Holcomb signed into law earlier this year, from being enforced.

That decision, issued Thursday, granted a preliminary injunction on the basis that the near-total abortion ban violated rights enshrined in the Indiana Constitution.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita is requesting the Supreme Court accept jurisdiction rather than first going before the Court of Appeals of Indiana.

With the Monroe Circuit order, Indiana’s previous abortion law is in effect. Clinics are resuming abortion care services since women can now obtain the procedure up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

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