Around Town – Nov. 24

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Nov. 24

Orchids to

the person who bought my lunch at Rhode’s on Tuesday.

Mary Milz’s column.

Onions to

the federal elected official requesting another $37 billion as military and economic aid for Ukraine, could this money be used for helping various things in our country?

the person who parks a motor home in the parking lot by the library that takes up six spots.

the majority ruling party doing nothing about stronger gun control, thereby encouraging the slaughter to continue.

thinking government is the answer to climate change other than throwing ridiculous amounts of our hard-earned tax money around the planet.

Happy Birthday to

Lindsey Reagan, from your family and Donna.

Kris Whipker, from your family and Donna.

Joan Allman, from your other two sisters.

Dustin Ping on No. 28! love your family!

Joan Allman on No. 85, from your family.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Stacy Collins, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.