Letter: Climate conference disappoints, but people must demand action

From: Ann Jones


The CO27 Climate Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, was a bitter disappointment. The group should have made a fossil fuel nonproliferation plan, but we simply cannot count on governments to do the right thing. They leaned into an idea of equity among nations – giving funding to those who suffer from climate change but emit little. However, not one dollar was actually promised. Nice idea, but will we see action?

The population who cares about our youth must take action. The SLAPP laws, however, show that the more we try to mobilize the more the gas and oil industry tries to shut us down. Even pro-corporate judges are in place to dismiss climate lawsuits.

Ultimately, it will be up to citizens to ensure our governments (national, state, local) are on the side of justice and addressing climate change. The government on its own will not do the right thing. The CO27 is just another example of that. We must take collective action to apply all the pressure we can mount for the sake of our kids.