Around Town – Jan. 11

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Jan. 11

Orchids to

the possibility the Irwin Block building facade could be rebuilt as an exact replica of the classic original.

Mike at Bishopp’s Appliances.

Logan Schulz, Jason Major and Dale Nowlin, the new BCSC school board members, coming to the first meeting with questions about school money and declining graduation rates.

Onions to

the political party that wants to go to war with the intelligence community that keeps us safe.

thinking the house Speaker will get things done when it took 15 voting rounds just to elect him.

the IRS going after the low hanging fruit of poor folks and ignoring the rich tax cheats due to lack of funds.

the club owner who called a team pathetic in front of their peers.

the police department for having a dirty cop on the force and will not do anything about him.

the U.S. senators who said our military should be more like the Russian military.

the political party that has become an autocratic party and is now embedding and enmeshed in far right networks.

state legislature showing a majority of old white men which explains why they are so out of touch with what the vast majority of citizens want in this state.

Happy Birthday to

Jeanne Snyder, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Norman Minor, from Luretta Clark and your friends at AT&T.

Happy Anniversary to

Gary and Mary Morrow on No. 48, love Michael and Daniel.