Around Town – Jan. 17

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Jan. 17

Orchids to

the guy in the black SUV who stopped and helped pick up plastic trash on the Rocky Ford bridge near Marr Road, and the man who offered help.

Jo Ellen Watanabe for your kind and gracious advice on topics related to your business. Always willing to help!

Roth Heating and Cooling for your tremendous help over the years! from Elizabeth Kestler.

AJ at Lowe’s for awesome customer service, from Laura.

First United Methodist Church for the absolutely wonderful music on Sunday at the morning service.

the nice young man stocking shelves at Walmart for helping a lady who forgot her glasses read the label on the mustard jar.

the man who bought my ticket to the movie at YES Cinema on Sunday afternoon, it was much appreciated.

Kevin McCarthy for promising to release all of the video footage from Jan. 6.

Sonya and Karen at the Walmart vision center for such friendly, caring, professional and respectful attitudes.

Onions to

the two office managers that spend more time “working from home” than they do in the actual office where they are supposed to be.

people in charge of “team building” exercises and take no consideration that not all employees make the same amount of money and simply can’t afford to “play along.”

tax assessment which claims my house that was assessed in 1968 for $28,000 is now worth $225,000 with absolutely no changes at all except an occasional coat of paint.

Garagegate being worse than Watergate.

only broadcasting a few IU women’s basketball games.

the high school coach who only sees what he wants to see and not how things really are.

schools who have gone cashless for games, cash is a form of American payment and should be accepted everywhere.

those against more funding for the IRS to perform audits of those with an income over $400K a year and higher.

the revenge investigations opened by the political party, when there are so many more important issues to deal with.

stating “most” Americans would oppose a nationwide ban on abortions, which is not true but only highlights biased liberal rhetoric in support of murdering babies.

the coach who clearly is there for the money and not the betterment of the players or the program.

the city for having its priorities so off, money used for architecture, but not offering food and shelter to those in need.

the political party and the local federal elected official who waste time on legislation that they know it will not clear the Senate.

the person who thinks the judge is keeping our community safe.

those in our government who refuse to address the border crisis even after two years of danger.

the restaurant that would not sell me chili cheese fries which they always have before because it’s not on the menu.

the political party that wants to subtract funding for IRS workers which means our tax refunds will be very delayed if there are not workers to do the returns.

Happy Birthday to

Donna Glick, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Bob DeLay, from your family and Donna.

Scott Field, from your co-workers and family.

Brayden Fairbrother on No. 17, from Mamaw.

Grannie, from all of your family.

Happy Anniversary to

Floyd and Shona Fisher, from your family and Donna.