Around Town – Jan. 19

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Jan. 19

Orchids to

Susan Cox for her great column.

all those who are participating in the library survey.

Malvina at United Savings Bank in Columbus for helping me, from Sam.

the man who found my billfold outside of Hobby Lobby and returned it to me in the store.

the Susan Cox article, a must read.

the kind person who paid for my meal at Cracker Barrel on Tuesday.

Susan Cox’s inspirational column regarding freedom, equality, and diversity.

the informed who listen to something other than Fox for understanding nearly 80% of Americans believe access to abortion is a necessary part of health care for women.

the well written letter from former Judge Curry.

Onions to

local businesses and schools that disrespect senior citizens that don’t have smart phones and are technology-challenged.

not realizing if elected officials act like clowns you got to expect a circus.

those who have figured out if you run as a Republican there isn’t a need for any competition.

the local church that continuously uses this column as a tool to advertise.

the Republican House holding the country hostage over raising the debt limit, when they gave their full support to the previous administration.

our local representative who identifies as “pro-life” and has authored two bills that are harmful to our youth and their mental health.

the letter writer who missed that restraining orders allow police to arrest a harasser before the bad thing happens.

the bus drivers that have blaring music on the buses.

the congresswoman who is proposing a clearly unconstitutional bill restricting free speech.

the political party that just attained a majority and already want to wreck the economy.

the vehicle U-turn at 25th and Marr Road on Wednesday.

Happy Birthday to

Marissa Souza, from your family, co-workers, Noreen and Donna.

Ann O’Neill, from your family.

Lila Pairitz-Freers, from your family and Donna.

Melissa Johnson, from your family, co-workers, Sarah and Donna.

Beth Gifford on No. 71, love you from Kim, Pamela, and Payton.