Around Town – Jan. 21

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Jan. 21

Orchids to

former Sheriff Matt Myers for his decades of public service.

The Republic for the editorial on Humane Society funding boost, from all the pet owners helping to care for all those pets at the shelters.

Vicky at State Farm for going out of her way to bring me some yogurt and a lovely bouquet of flowers; such a kind person and a ray of sunshine.

the letter from Norman Curry, retired judge.

Onions to

the house owners where the gutters are falling off of the house and the driveway is caving in and not doing anything about it.

school officials for allowing the racial bullying of their students.

the political party allowing the destruction of our country via an open border and those ignoring it.

the prospective presidential candidate for falling in love with a communist dictator and then telling us the dictator’s country is no longer a nuclear threat when it is.

not realizing the real cause of business closings is having to pay workers $15 an hour to make a pizza or cook french fries.

using a person’s color or gender as a qualification or job requirement, this is discrimination.

the electric grid that constantly makes more than 800 people lose power when the wind barely blows.

the cartoon on the editorial page.

the current administration for allowing all illegal immigrants and drugs to come through our southern border and not doing anything to stop it.

the political party that looked the other way as the former leader made false claims and makes the message clear that lying to Americans is acceptable in the pursuit of power.

the former vice president who gave an angry and hyperbolic speech before a group of rich elites.

truck that ran the stoplight at Middle Road and Rocky Ford Road and the car that made a U-turn off of Middle Road.

Happy Birthday to

Mike Trimnell, from your family and Donna.

Henry Phelps, love from your wife Regina and your family.

Jimmy Fields, from Eddy and Luretta.