Around Town – Feb. 24

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Feb. 24

Orchids to

the crew that mowed the grass on U.S. 31 between Columbus and Taylorsville, it looks wonderful.

St. Peter for a wonderful Ash Wednesday message.

Neil Smith for a fun and informative presentation about birds from Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators, from Fairlawn Presbyterian congregation members.

the person in the black truck that paid for my breakfast at Burger King Thursday morning!

Steph Cain for her informative, helpful and well-written letter to the editor.

former President Trump for showing true leadership with his visit to the people of East Palestine, Ohio.

Donald Trump going to East Palestine, Ohio, ahead of the Secretary of Transportation and the federally elected leader, bringing pallets of water and gallons of cleaning supplies.

Michael Wilson for his right on target letter.

the editorial regarding the effects of systemic racism.

Mark and Wanda McHolland.

Sterling Garage Doors for same day outstanding service, from the moving retiree.

President Biden for going to Kyiv and sending a strong message to the entire world about what America thinks of democracy and how we are behind Ukraine.

Donald Trump for going to Ohio to help the poor people that are being poisoned and paying for lunch for all the first responders.

President Joe Biden for risking his life to fight for western democracy.

Mark for being such a very helpful neighbor.

Nancy at Mayor Jim Lienhoop’s office for her kindness, from Lets Grow Garden Club.

Dathan at Sam’s for being a very nice young man for helping two older people with rewards.

Onions to

the HOA member who won’t pick up the mushy leaves in his yard.

homeowners near the park leaving their dogs outside to bark continuously, not very neighborly.

the driver who took 10 minutes to pay a bill at the drive thru.

the former federal leader, who had his supporters attack the U.S. Capitol and lawmakers, with the shameless audacity to want to run for the same office again.

dragster going down Marr Road at 1:35 a.m.

another shooting, the lack of rage against the politicians who do absolutely nothing to stop it, but instead support and promoting guns in school.

the individual starting his own dump along his driveway.

the city for allowing street markings to become invisible whenever it rains.

using immigration to stoke fear for political gains but not legislating to solve the problem.

always blaming the gun and not the person using it.

realizing that if you elect industry-friendly officials who roll back “expensive” safety rules for extremely dangerous (and profitable) industries, the public will eventually pay the price.

the young people in the car who yelled a racial slur and profanity, telling me to leave.

the lawmakers for their continued unconstitutional attempts to legislate against LGBTQ+.

those who think our federal elected official is doing a great job.

the former federal leader handing out supplies who isn’t mentioning he slashed rail regulations while in office, rescinding a proposal requiring faster brakes on trains carrying highly flammable or hazardous materials.

the political party opposing every kind of federal spending and some members now saying they want secede from the union which would cause their states to have huge economic deficits.

those who want to ban books but don’t realize a kid can find worse than that and anything they want to see just by clicking on the internet.

the grand jury leader who violated her sworn oath of secrecy to gain a little national attention.

Happy Birthday to

Brianna O’Leary, from your family and Donna.

Susan Staley, from your family and Donna.

Hugo Teixeira, from your family and Donna.

Clyde Hatton, from your family and Donna.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Mom/Judy, love from Debra and Jack.

Happy Anniversary to

Mike and Rebecca Kirsch, from your family and Donna.