Around Town – March 23

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

March 23

Orchids to

the Rockcreek school gymnasium being named after Gary Barker.

Dr. Hart, his nurses Dawn Stidham, Hannah, and his office staff for kind, patient service.

the license branch in Columbus for being so efficient and kind to let us get our license plate even though it was three minutes til five last Friday.

MSNBC’s news hosts that always tell the truth, all day, every day.

Onions to

people that seem to be making stupid a new normal.

the high school student who drove through the flashing stop sign on the school bus on Home Avenue on Tuesday morning.

the truck that ran the red light at Lowell Road and U.S. 31 during rush hour Tuesday morning, putting us all in danger.

the grassy lot on the Rocky Ford Road curve that has become a parking lot for campers and trucks.

our local politicians that continue to ignore their constituents.

the former federal elected official for yet another false claim.

the city that should have an enforced noise ordinance, making rice burners and window rattling stereos illegal.

fast food places getting rid of side salad, the only semi-healthy side option.

county officials that refuse to enforce the antiquated animal protection laws.

former federal elected official who mocked a family and made an obnoxious remark about a medically fragile child and now pretends it was a joke.

the greedy corporation forcing retirees out of their health care insurance by really high premiums.

prosecutors who ignore the rising violent crime rate while pursuing their personal, political vendettas.

Happy Birthday to

Rod Wilson, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

Jan Sims, from your family and Donna.

Adalyn Hufty, from your family and Donna.

Sarah Walker, from your family and Donna.

Jaxson Maxx Zeigler, love Mommy, Froggy and Cody!

Jaxson Zeigler, from the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center.

Jim Swegman, love from all of your family.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Steven Pat Myers, from John Tinkey.