Around Town – March 24

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March 24

Orchids to

Mrs. Lawson for being chosen as the Schmitt Teacher of the Year.

the rich and powerful being held accountable for their crimes also, violent or not.

Cummins for caring about the Earth.

the young man who paid for two old ladies’ breakfast at the Waffle House on Thursday, much appreciated.

Onions to

the local big factory that raised retiree insurance more than 50 percent.

both candidates for giving us zero information on their platforms outside of getting “stuff” done.

the cops who don’t stop all the people that have expired licenses.

the party that continues to call Social Security and Medicare “entitlement programs” when people pay into those plans for the duration of their employment life.

the party that believes cheating to win is justified so they continue to not condemn the other guy.

the former federal official threatening changes to Medicare and Social Security.

national administration destroying our country one cut and stab at a time.

the company and union who won’t support their retirees with the rising cost of their health insurance.

the mailman who walked past my mailbox, looked at my outgoing mail and didn’t pick it up.

Happy Birthday to

Heidi Martin, from your family and Donna.

Lisa Heck on No. 60, from Dad, Jenny, Sandra, Brian, the Gates family, and the Morrow family.

Abby McGovern, from the Class of 1970.

Happy Anniversary to

Joyce Willis on No. 55, from husband Jim Willis.