Chloe White: JCHS student named to IHSAA advisory committee

Jennings County High School sophomre Claire Hack is one of 18 students statewide that the Indiana High School Athletic Association (ISHAA) has selected to represent the student advisory committee.

Claire is active in sports and in the community. She works with The Avenue of Flags and is involved in the student-athlete leadership team (SALT). As a member of the ISHAA, Claire will be responsible for planning and attending meetings such as the IHSAA Student Leadership Conference.

Claire went through an arduous application and interview process to be among the few sophomores selected for the IHSAA Student Advisory Committee. She has dedicated her time and focus to bettering the student athletics department. When asked to define the main themes of the organization, Claire responded with “Leadership responsibility and integrity.”

JCHS Athletic Director Cory Stevens said “Claire joined the Jennings County Student Athlete Leadership Team this year as a sophomore. I quickly learned that she was serious about making a positive impact in the school and in the community and invested the time to do so.”

“I’ve also been impressed by her ability to overcome adversity, most notably with the serious injuries she’s suffered up to this point in her athletic career. Despite these setbacks, Claire’s coaches are quick to point out that her constant determination and positive outlook have set a great example for her teammates.”

Stevens finished by saying, “Taking those factors into consideration, I nominated Claire for the IHSAA Student Advisory Committee after discussing the responsibilities with her and gauging her interest level. I am confident that she will do an outstanding job representing JCHS.”

Audra Hack, Claire’s mom, said: “We are very excited for Claire. She works hard in the classroom and on the field and court. This is an excellent opportunity for her to grow as a student and athlete.”