Around Town – May 16

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

May 16

Orchids to

the kind lady who opened and held heavy doors for me at the county building on Thursday!

ColumBus Route 2 driver for getting us safely downtown for our field trip, from LF Smith Book Club students.

Downtown Dairy Queen for your generous donation of ice cream on our field trip, from LF Smith Book Club students.

Bud Herron for the return of your wonderfully funny and insightful columns. They are a joy to read!

restaurants downtown for continuing to operate with friendly staffs and helping to make downtown an interesting place.

Walmart Automotive Center for helping me get a good deal on a battery, installing it and airing my tires, from Sue.

the driver of the maroon car for being attentive and not crashing into me when I failed to see you, my sincere apologies for the near miss, from the driver of the black truck.

those who protect us from criminals.

a permanent solution to the debt ceiling so that we don’t have to go through this fiasco so often.

the young man who told his mother to get off her cell phone while she played with it through the whole church service.

everyone who supported the First United Methodist Church’s hostas sale for missions, and special thanks to the Turners.

the generous couple who paid for our meal at Amazing Joe’s, much appreciated.

The Republic for printing the article about Erica Smith and her drug situation, happy to know she has success.

President Biden for having the most successful policy agenda than any president in recent years.

the gentleman who returned my purse from Kohl’s parking lot.

Onions to

the federal leader for the open southern border and allowing illegal immigrants and fentanyl to overrun this country.

cashier at a pharmacy that clearly could be a poster child for meth addiction.

the politician and family who for decades have cared more about lining their pockets with millions from foreign adversaries than protecting our country.

landlords who will not let renters have pets.

allowing the building under construction at 11th and Washington to be placed blocking the vision of drivers approaching the intersection, creating a needless grave risk.

having some of those on the Terrorist Watch List attempt to cross the southern border left open by the current administration.

the deranged, former guy spewing hate and vitriol on Mother’s Day.

the city for not enforcing cutting grass around the old airport which is in the city.

neighbors who don’t mind their own business.

dueling neighbors.

full grounds maintenance at city facilities.

people who go to church that have to have a drink of coffee, water, etc. in their hand.

weed and dead bushes on the People’s Trail on State Street.

Happy Birthday to

Abilene Hanner McCory, from your family and Donna.