Around Town – May 25

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May 25

Orchids to

all the Bartholomew County volunteer firemen and emergency technicians for their lifesaving work.

all the Bartholomew County school bus drivers for all their hard work during the school year.

Friday’s guest column.

CRH’s Jim Bickel and Dr. Slade Crowder for quickly solving a prescription problem for a befuddled traveler.

Clifford Park for having trash cans available and being so much nicer and cleaner than Petersville Park.

Columbus Police Department and Johnson County Sheriff’s Office for quickly apprehending two shooting suspects because violence like this will be increasing in our town.

the Dave O’Mara crew working on the trail along Rocky Ford Road for being courteous and helpful to homeowners so we are inconvenienced as little as possible.

Onions to

business and schools that disrespect tech-challenged senior citizens by going cashless.

the local school for having such a lame field day for kids when every other school had inflatables and water activities, instead our kids had to push a tire for fun.

the person who stole the Christmas wreath out of our garage when the doors were up when it was being painted!

grocery store getting rid of paper ads, not everyone can shop from an app.

speeders, reckless drivers and the laissez faire attitude by law enforcement when it comes to enforcing traffic laws.

a city that for years has wanted to be like other big cities, I say be careful what you wish for.

those who think permit-less and open carry are a fantastic idea to keep us safer.

representatives who pull stunts jeopardizing the ability of the federal government to pay its bills, while ignoring gun safety.

the ever sinking storm sewer inlets on 25th Street between Washington and Central.

millions of tax dollars spent taking away two driving lanes on Rocky Ford Road because bicyclists said they needed bike lanes so they should use them.

political activists identifying themselves as journalists.

all the hypocrites who gladly cashed the previous federal administrations Covid checks who are now trying to blame that administration for the debt ceiling crisis.

Happy Birthday to

Lyn Denny, from Mel and Donna.

Tiffany Fu, from your family and Donna.

Aimie Heltman, from your family.

Jane Johnson, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Nakia White on No. 22, from Nana.

Rhonda Heck, from Brian, the Heck family, the Gates family, and the Morrow family.