Around Town – June 22

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

June 22

Orchids to

the school district in Utah for banning the KJV Bible under the new Republican Book Ban Law for vulgarity and sexual content.

the former guy who admitted on network news that he took and kept classified documents, including some that put military members and others at risk if disclosed when leaving the White House.

Steve Schoettmer for his brilliant letter.

the bearded young man who bought my pizza. Not necessary but appreciated.

Bankin Baby BBQ for supplying sack lunches to robotics camp participants and staff. Thanks so much, from camp staff and participants.

Sak Auto Service for always great service.

the paper delivery person on 17th Street for being so good and even putting a note in the paper letting us know that she was on vacation, appreciate the fact that she told us.

the county highway mowing guy that mowed on 1000S, south of Waymansville, excellent job.

the gentleman that stayed with my cat until he passed away after being hit with a car on Tuesday morning, from the cat’s mother.

Onions to

the police department and judicial system that made the arrest and sentencing of a local official easier than on other citizens committing the same offenses.

the former leader that was given plenty of opportunities to turn over the documents when asked by the DOJ, but continues to cry foul.

business that supported neighbor’s charity event by posting guards at entrance to its parking lot.

the whole pickleball thing.

the hateful opinion piece lying about the beliefs and actions of one political party.

taking years and spending millions of dollars to only bring misdemeanor charges.

the Indiana rep wannabe who is clearly a party man spouting lies.

financial institutions who charge customers with large balances for a paper statement.

the city that’s in love with bricks on sidewalks, streets, and intersections but doesn’t do anything to maintain them.

complaining about the federal official’s son getting a “sweetheart” deal while forgetting about all the pardons of the federal official’s buddies.

animal control for not investigating all the wild cats in Northbrook addition.

prosecutors who cut sweetheart deals on a federal gun charge due to a person’s last name.

Happy Birthday to

Christy Baker, from your family and Donna.

Joe Blanchard, from your family and Donna.

Ms. Clarissa Mae Conrad on No. 33, a blessed and happy birthday, love your dad, James Stephen.

Dawn Rae Hacker, with love from your family.

Chelci Talkington, from Mom and Dad!