Around Town — July 6

FILE - A woman types on a laptop while on a train in New Jersey, May 18, 2021. A trial of a four-day workweek in Britain, billed as the world’s largest, has found that an overwhelming majority of the 61 companies that participated over six months last year will keep going with the shorter hours and that most employees were less stressed and burned out and had better work-life balance. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File)

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July 6

Orchids to

the person who takes the time to organize the books at the kidscommons in rainbow order.

exlusionary, racist groups for moms and parents.

CPD Lt. Matt Harris, Columbus Police Chief Mike Richardson, Sheriff Chris Lane and Sgt. Dane Duke and CRH for helping Be Smart distribute gun locks at the county fair.

Columbus Auto Group, White River Broadcasting and QMIX for promoting the Be Smart gun lock distribution.

Brandon at Walgreens on Beam Road

honoring our heroes QMIX fireworks display for the best show ever.

Supreme Court justices who voted with the majority by following the Constitution, not politics.

William Gerard’s letter explaining what goodness and love could do to revive our country.

neighbors on Marr Road on the beautiful fireworks.

the letter writer from Scipio.

the Republican Party for not only freeing slaves, but also continuing to follow the teachings of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

the U.S. Supreme court for overturning affirmative action.

the river otters and beavers that made their homes in Haw Creek.

John Pickett for not backing down about the condemned house.

Onions to

the Second Amendment, when there is no “well regulated militia” to apply it to.

the danger the former guy poses to our nation.

the lady that found my coupons in a cart at a local grocery store and kept the coupons and my winning lottery ticket.

the city not maintaining the downtown sidewalks in a safe manner.

thinking that the U.S. is a democracy, it is a constitutional representative republic, the silent majority speaks.

leaving the Christmas lights up all year round and on but does not maintain them.

political party that put people on the Supreme Court who are taking away our rights including violating the Civil Rights Act.

politicians who call for even more strict gun laws while allowing current offenders to get off with a slap to the wrist.

those who have not read and understand our Constitution.

federal elected official who wants all our guns.

nonprofit organization in which employees do not cover for employees on vacation.

committee that decides on who will play at this year’s concert, very bad choices.

Happy Birthday to

Andy Luttrell from Pastor Marvin Brown, and Trinity Baptist Church.

David A. Chadd, from Bethel Baptist Church.

Kimberly Thompson, from Brian

Alison and Greg Simo, from your family.

Greg and Alison Simo.