Accelera power cells used in first green hydrogen passenger train in North America

Mike Wolanin | The Republic An exterior view of Cummins Columbus Engine Plant in Columbus, Ind., Friday, Oct. 7, 2022.

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Accelera by Cummins said Tuesday that its products are powering the first green hydrogen passenger train in North America.

The train, the Coradia iLint, started running in June in Canada as part of a demonstration project by France-based Alstom and is expected to take riders on a trip along the railway of Train de Charlevoix in Quebec through the end of September.

Manufactured by Alstom, the Coradia iLint uses Accelera fuel cells to power the train and is supplied with green hydrogen from an Accelera electrolyzer, Cummins said.

Accelera, which is a business segment of Cummins and is headquartered in Columbus, said the demonstration project seeks to aid the development and marketability of hydrogen propulsion technology in North America.

Accelera also described the train as a “major milestone and significant step forward in the transition to clean urban transportation in the Americas.”

The train’s route crosses the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Charlevoix region in Quebec.

“Together with our visionary partners, we are reshaping the way people travel and inspiring a future where efficiency, sustainability and innovation go hand in hand,” said Alison Trueblood, general manager of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies at Accelera, in a press release.