Army reservists and National Guard train in Crane

Spc. Damien Elwen and Sgt. Evan Siler of the 1463rd Transportation Company, Michigan National Guard, help secure straps to hold MK3-0 pallets for munitions transportation during Operation Patriot Press.

CRANE — U.S. Army reservists and National Guard units from across the country participated in Operation Patriot Press, an annual training exercise, at Crane Army Ammunition Activity in Crane. The exercise was established by the Army Material Command to support the Department of Defense’s munitions readiness requirements. Among those participating are the Soldiers of the 452nd Ordnance Company of South Dakota and the 1463rd Transportation Company, Michigan National Guard.

Operation Patriot Press allows the U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard to enhance their logistical readiness by working with active-duty counterparts and the Army’s civilian workforce.

The 1463rd Soldiers came to Crane to practice their driving skills, while the 452nd Ordnance Company supports storage reform initiatives, which more efficiently consolidate large quantities of munitions into centralized warehouses.

Crane Army Ammunition Activity is part of the Joint Munitions Command and the U.S. Army Material Command. It produces and provides conventional munitions in support of the U.S. Army Joint Force Readiness.