Looking Back, Sept. 5, 2023

Freshmen ate and chatted in the cafeteria at Columbus North High School when the school corporation’s new closed campus policy effectively tripled the use of the facility in 1998.

From The Republic archives

Sept. 5


In a dedication ceremony that included Gov. Mike Pence and other dignitaries, the new Second Street Bridge leading into Columbus from west of town was renamed the Robert N. Stewart Bridge in honor the 84-year-old “bridge builder” who served multiple terms as mayor and was instrumental in the development of the city’s Front Door Project.


A boatload of fans lined up outside the Blockbuster Video store beginning at midnight to buy newly released video copies of “Titanic.”


To stay within its allotment of natural gas from Texas Gas Transmission, Indiana Gas Co. announced that gas service to approximately 12 Bartholomew County firms would be curtailed for 15 days beginning Sept. 13.