Around Town – Sept. 14

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Sept. 14

Orchids to

Nathan Bean, Caroline Gifford, Allison White, and their Southside 6th graders for an awesome day touring Exhibit Columbus.

the crossing guards at U.S. 31 and Westenedge for keeping us safe. Thank you for all you do to help kids cross.

Sabrina Rawlins, Beverly Rust, Katie Schadenfroh, the chaperones, and the fantastic Parkside 6th graders for a great Exhibit Columbus field trip.

Sen. John Kennedy for reading aloud at a public hearing the type of pornography with which the librarians want to expose our children.

Onions to

people that don’t realize if we let minors read pornographic books, we might as well let them go to strip clubs, smoke and drink alcohol.

the 12:51 a.m. car stereo.

the tall, healthy-looking young man whose huge dog attacked the little boy yesterday inside the big box grocery store when the boy went to retrieve his store balloon, which had gotten away from him and landed near the dog.

people who blatantly run the red light at U.S. 31 and Westenedge, almost hitting the crossing guards.

selling the public a referendum for a specific reason and then using that tax money for something else.

the insurance company that put on a brand-new roof and guttering on a house that is 40-years-old and everything was original but still when somebody has real damage, they try and fight you and don’t want to replace anything.

Happy Birthday to

Robin Niedbalski, from Amy, Brian, Ray and Jacob.

Robin Niedbalski, from your family, Carolyn, Deborah, Pat, Linda, Rachel, Debbie, Carol, Pat W., Bonnie and Donna.

Jay Ayera, from friends of Bethel Baptist Church.

Easton Gates on No. 10, from Mom, Dad, Kaydence, Steven, Grandma Jenny, Stephanie, Jessica, Skyler, Mason, and Ryder.