Around Town – Sept. 16

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Sept. 16

Orchids to

Dr. Lisa Lanham and Audra at Southern Indiana Orthopedics, from Carol Johnston.

John Krull for another “spot on” column.

Tom and Brenda Flanigan for being wonderful and kind! from your neighbor.

John Krull for another insightful guest column.

businesses, organizations and individuals who provided their support over the years to the POW/MIA ceremony on this special day of recognition.

the new health clinic going into NexusPark for the BCSC and city employees, would be great if they include CRH employees also.

John Krull for his excellent column.

the workers for standing up for their right to decent wages and working conditions.

ColumBUS for transportation door to door to the doctor’s office.

another great column from John Krull.

Bud Herron for the people’s names matter column.

Shawn Rosser and his crew for an excellent job of painting my cabinet.

Onions to

the local government department leader who undermines and denigrates employees every chance she gets and to those who allow it.

those who believe themselves to be great leaders simply because they’ve read a few books on the topic.

those who decried the dysfunction of past government leadership but lack the self awareness to see they are no different.

Happy Birthday to

Lexci Talkington on No. 11, from Mamaw and Papaw Simmons.

Sebastian Trimnell, from your family and Donna.

Ron Noel, from your family, the Moffitts, Pat, Bonnie and Donna.

Mary Frances Runion, from your family and Donna.

Bruce Query, from your family and Donna.

Sydney Madden on No. 13, love Mom, Dad, Eayon, Grammy, Granddad, Nana, Papaw, Aunt Tahcia, Uncle Brandon, Tannor, Haleigh, Uncle Jimmy, and Uncle Chris.