Columbus featured in Holcomb’s videos touting the state’s top attractions

A view of the Robert Stewart bridge leading into downtown Columbus from a drone photographing above Columbus’ railroad overpass project. Photo provided Submitted photo

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Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and Imagine Indiana — a nonprofit promoting Indiana — recently released 62 videos touting the state’s top attractions, including a video on Columbus.

Dubbed, “All Around Indiana,” the project features a buffalo preserve, caves, parks, racing, sandhill crane migration and more — plus, a variety of industries. Holcomb narrates the videos.

The project, Holcomb said, is part of his effort to bring “Indiana to the world” and “the world to Indiana.”

“As I talk to people around Indiana and the world about all we have to offer, I often found myself looking for something to show the person to better demonstrate what I was talking about,” he said in a news release.

Business and government leaders have also said that a “comprehensive tool set to describe Indiana would be helpful,” Holcomb added. “That was the vision behind All Around Indiana.”

The videos aren’t just targeted at tourists — they’re to show off “some of the special attractions that make Indiana such a first-rate destination to live, work and play,” according to the release.

All Around Indiana’s website calls itself a “personal project” of the governor, “unrelated to any campaigns or politics.”

Imagine Indiana was created in 2016 as Next Level Indiana to pay for transition and inauguration costs when Holcomb was first elected.

The nonprofit has previously made “substantial” advertisement-buys backing Holcomb’s tax refund plan. It’s previously paid for the governor to travel to Israel and helped him host inaugural events.

In the Columbus video, the city is described as “The Athens of the West” and Holcomb notes that Columbus, Indiana has an international reputation as one of the best cities for architecture in the United States with some of the finest modern architecture in the world.

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There is also a video of “Autumn in Brown County.”

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