Tune in Tonight: Max streams Chuck Lorre’s ‘Bookie’

Prolific sitcom producer Chuck Lorre returns with “Bookie,” a sitcom streaming on Max. A man whose production credits date back to the 1990s (“Grace Under Fire”) and who has found large audiences with “Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory,” he has pretty much defined TV comedy for a generation.

“Bookie” stars Sebastian Maniscalco as Danny, a beleaguered thug tasked with collecting debts from hapless sports gamblers. He’s aided in these grim efforts by Ray (Omar Dorsey, “The Blind Side”). In addition to his standup specials, Maniscalco has appeared in “The Green Book” and “The Irishman.”

As “Bookie” unfolds, these mooks and heavies have to adjust to a world where sports gambling, once the province of the underworld, has gone legit.

Not unlike other series inspired by “The Sopranos,” “Bookie” juxtaposes the dark comedy of the low life with domestic antics and the strong women such as Sandra (Andrea Anders) who are behind not-so-made men.

At the risk of burying the lede here, “Bookie” provides the reunion and perhaps reconciliation between producer Lorre and his former star Charlie Sheen, who plays a gambler.

Anyone paying even scant attention to television in 2011 may recall that Sheen was fired from his rather lucrative gig on “Two and a Half Men” for erratic behavior on and off the set and a series of negative and abrasive comments about Lorre that crossed the line into anti-Semitism.

Lorre, who has worked themes of substance abuse, recovery and making amends into his series, most notably “Mom,” appears to have put hard feelings aside to work once again with Sheen.

In other Lorre news, the “Big Bang” prequel “Young Sheldon” will end its seventh and final season in May of 2024.

Any Lorre sitcom has the potential to become a hit, but to date, he has been associated with the broad appeal of network television. The arrival of “Bookie” on Max offers yet another opportunity to ponder the identity and direction of that streaming platform, which has blended HBO and Discovery in ways few can understand.

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