Around Town – Dec. 1

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Dec. 1

Orchids to

Sarah Kilbarger-Stumpff for being well informed on local housing issues and also willing to put her name to her statements.

Onions to

the school bus driver making a left turn on “orange ” and then a right turn on red at a “no right turn on red” intersection Wednesday afternoon.

officials who asked employees to come to a retirement party early to avoid crowds but really they just don’t want them around invited guests.

people that don’t realize there isn’t enough money in the world to protect everyone from everything, life is full of risks.

pretrial diversion programs which apparently work only in favor of the criminal by getting charges dismissed.

the editorial column in Wednesday’s paper.

the dirty indoor playground and restrooms.

harassing a 9-year-old boy for simply supporting his sports team.

the guest columnist who is prejudiced and consistently criticizing Rokita, Trump, the GOP, and Indiana, trying to sway people’s political opinions.

Happy Birthday to

Jay Ingram, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Faye Groves, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.