Looking Back – Feb. 5

Kathy Hershey, head of Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc., holds Parker, a turkey vulture, on Jan. 29, 2014.

From The Republic archives


Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators in Hope received a $3,000 grant from the Tony Stewart Foundation, which offers grant assistance to nonprofits that serve critically ill and disabled children, endangered and at-risk animals and drivers who have suffered injuries while participating in motor racing.


The Columbus North Bull Frogs took all 12 top seeds and advanced every participant in the girls swimming sectional preliminaries. The team posted six lifetime best times and a possible school record in the breaststroke.


The base of Jean Tinguely’s sculpture, Chaos II, was moved into a moat of water at The Commons from the old Columbus pumphouse. The heavy iron plate base and major ribs of the sculpture were lifted out of the pumphouse by a crane, which many thought to resemble a yellow dinosaur.