Looking Back – Feb. 6

Chris Rich gives his son Aiden, 6, a push on the hill at Mill Race Park in 2014.

From The Republic archives


An estimated 3 to 4 inches of snow closed Bartholomew Consolidated schools for six days, which drew many children out to brave the cold to sled down the amphitheater hill at Mill Race Park. The snow was reported to be crunchy with a thin layer of ice on top — just right for sledding.


Students learned how to protect keepsakes in photo albums and scrapbooks during a class titled “Creative Scrapbooks for Youths and Adults.” Participants were encouraged to take several photos of the same person or event to learn various ways they could be displayed.


Support was expressed for the independent truckers’ boycott at a meeting of about 100 local people at the Standard Truck Plaza on U.S. 31 at Taylorsville. Men, women and children quietly gathered to protest high gasoline prices, saying they were united in support of the truckers.