Columbus Bus Route 3 adds NexusPark stops on Monday

Columbus is adding NexusPark to its bus routing system, changing the route for Bus 3 to stop at the Columbus Regional Health location.

Beginning Monday, temporary bus stop signs are being added for the CRH stops.

The route for Bus 3 goes from Mill Race Park bus depot to the north and east in the city.

The City of Columbus will be changing the route for its Bus 3 starting on Monday to add Nexus Park to the system.

According to the Columbus Transit Department, several stops will be added to accommodate the Columbus Regional Health portion of the former Fair Oaks Mall on 25th Street. Temporary bus stop signs will be added at the new locations along the return route from the hospital.

The new route is being added to the Columbus Transit app. For more information, visit or call the transit office at (812) 376-2506.