Columbus firefighters assist in propane leak at Crestwood Oil and Natural Gas in Reddington

REDDINGTON — A team of Columbus Fire Department (CFD) Hazardous Materials technicians provided mutual aid assistance at a gas leak in Reddington Monday afternoon.

Columbus firefighters were called to assist at Crestwood Oil and Natural Gas, 10523 E. County Road 975N, at approximately 12:18 p.m. after a propane leak was reported at the facility. A total of eight Columbus firefighters responded to the scene.

When Columbus firefighters arrived at the scene, CFD firefighters meet with incident command and gas company representatives who advised CFD’s hazardous materials members that a valve failure had caused a release of liquid propane, said Capt. Mike Wilson, Columbus Fire Department spokesman.

Working with the on-scene command, first responders and Crestwood representatives, a plan was developed that would have the Hazardous Materials team attempt to manually close the leaking valve. With a plan in place, CFD Firefighters dressed in full structural firefighter protective gear were able to walk to the valve and manually stop the flow of propane. No injuries were reported. Once the product release was under control, Columbus firefighters were released from the scene and returned to Columbus.

Photo provided by the Columbus Fire Department
Columbus firefighters work at the scene of a propane leak in Reddington on Monday.