Looking Back – Feb. 22

Dogs at the city dog pound eat from a broken food sack thrown into their pen by a passerby on Feb. 20, 1974.


A reception for the first class of the Columbus East High School Wall of Fame was held at the school, with parents, former teachers and former coaches mingling in the new Wall of Fame hallway to recognize the notable graduates: Marja Harmon, Jeffrey Holmes, Sam Hou, Ashley Risk Morrison and Maria Stack.


Schuyler Marks said his best salesman at True Wheel Bicycle Shop was so eager that he drooled when customers walked through the door, with that salesman being a 100-pound chocolate lab named Chester. Marks said Chester brought in more foot traffic to the store, and even stopped traffic outside when cars slowed down to look at the pooch.


Heart Month in Bartholomew County revealed hundreds of people with big hearts, ready to serve as funds solicitors, style show participants and contributors, or just general promoters. Door-to-door volunteers collected funds from residents to contribute to research to eliminate heart disease, and distributed kits with preventative steps to be taken in the “heart battle.”